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#OTB provider for QGIS Processing
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#OTB provider for QGIS Processing
Using QGIS Plugin manager
cd $HOME/projects
git clone
export QGIS_PLUGINPATH=$HOME/projects/qgis-otb-plugin
<h3>Plugin Builder Results</h3>
Congratulations! You just built a plugin for QGIS!<br/><br />
<div id='help' style='font-size:.9em;'>
Your plugin <b>OTBAlgorithm</b> was created in:<br>
Your QGIS plugin directory is located at:<br>
<h3>What's Next</h3>
<li>Test the generated sources using <b>make test</b> (or run tests from your IDE)
<li>Copy the entire directory containing your new plugin to the QGIS plugin directory (see Notes below)
<li>Test the plugin by enabling it in the QGIS plugin manager and enabling the provider in the Processing Options
<li>Customize it by editing the implementation file <b></b>
<li>You can use the <b>Makefile</b> to compile and deploy when you
make changes. This requires GNU make (gmake). The Makefile is ready to use, however you
will have to edit it to add addional Python source files, dialogs, and translations.
<li>You can also use <b>pb_tool</b> to compile and deploy your plugin. Tweak the <i>pb_tool.cfg</i> file included with your plugin as you add files. Install <b>pb_tool</b> using
<i>pip</i> or <i>easy_install</i>. See <a href=""></a> for more information.
<div style='font-size:.9em;'>
For information on writing PyQGIS code, see <a href=""></a> for a list of resources.
&copy;2011-2017 GeoApt LLC -
This is a beta version to explain some code to QGIS developers
regarding pull requests and other features that will help in making otb provider
for qgis processing plugin.
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