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Using QGIS Plugin manager
Using QGIS Plugin manager (not published)
1. download plugin
cd $HOME/projects
git clone
2. install otb plugin
export QGIS_PLUGINPATH=$HOME/projects/qgis-otb-plugin
3. configure pluign
1. Start qgis
2. Settings -> Options -> Processing (left panel)
You can see OTB section under "Providers".
3. expand OTB tab,
3.1 check on Activate
3.2 set OTB folder entry. This is location of your otb installation.
3.3 set OTB application folder entry. This is location of your otb application and is relative to otb installation
Here is an example of OTB folder and OTB application folder:
OTB applications folder /home/rashad/projects/otb/build/lib/otb/applications
OTB folder /home/rashad/projects/otb/build
Click "ok" to save settings and close dialog. If settings are correct, you will have otb algorithms loaded now
Tested with QGIS master (since 5b7b7be6e7)
OTB 6.5 (branch: wrapper_qgis)
After building OTB, there OTBQgis-all module will generate all descriptors in ./build/descriptors directory.
For now, you should configure qgis with OTB's build directory and not install.
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