Commit a8783660 authored by Rashad Kanavath's avatar Rashad Kanavath
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normalize path of otb _cli_ script

parent c193bec7
......@@ -266,7 +266,11 @@ class OTBAlgorithmProvider(QgsProcessingProvider):
env_profile = os.path.join(folder, 'otbenv.bat')
if os.path.exists(env_profile) and os.path.isfile(env_profile):
OTBUtils.OTB_CLI_FILE = os.path.join(QgsApplication.qgisSettingsDirPath(), 'processing', 'qgis_otb_cli' + cli_ext)
OTBUtils.OTB_CLI_FILE = os.path.normpath(
'processing', 'qgis_otb_cli' + cli_ext)
#if not os.path.exists(OTBUtils.OTB_CLI_FILE):
#rewrite always for now..
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