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[ENH] Updated documentation for new WriteSRE field

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......@@ -91,6 +91,10 @@ Note:
ozone amount is available in the GIPP L2COMM. If the “ozone” option
is set to false, the ozone content will be read in the meteo data.
| The field “WriteSRE” is used to enable or disable
the generation of the SRE images at L2 resolution (the default
value is true)
In “MAJAUserConfig_<MISSION>.xml”, only the two previous options in
Atmospheric_Absorption_Correction tag can be modified according to
the availability of meteo data (for ozone amount) and the values of
......@@ -146,6 +150,10 @@ Note:
<!-- Option to write or not write SRE images in the L2 product-->
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