Commit 9fa3e7b6 authored by Alexey Gusev's avatar Alexey Gusev
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[BUG] Fix typo in "logging"->"logger"

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......@@ -280,7 +280,7 @@ class Nominal(Workplan):
if not l2_prods:
logger.error("Cannot find previous L2 product for date %s in %s" % (, self.outdir))
if len(self.remaining_l1) >= self.nbackward:"Setting up a BACKWARD execution instead.")"Setting up a BACKWARD execution instead.")
l1_list = self.remaining_l1[:self.nbackward]
cams_dates = [ for prod in l1_list + [self.l1]]
cams_files = self.filter_cams_by_products(self.remaining_cams, cams_dates)
......@@ -288,7 +288,7 @@ class Nominal(Workplan):
log_level=self.log_level, skip_errors=self.skip_errors,
cams=self.aux_files + cams_files)
else:"Setting up an INIT execution instead.")"Setting up an INIT execution instead.")
backup_wp = Init(self.root, self.outdir, self.l1, self.log_level, cams=self.aux_files)
return backup_wp.execute(maja, dtm, gipp, conf)
if len(l2_prods) > 1:
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