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    Use gdal_trace_outline from the gina-alaska package instead of gdal_polygonize if available


    Move OTB minimum 6.0.0 which include a fix to handle properly 1 byte TIFF image
    Restore and document correct behaviour for LIS installation with install target(lib, bin,include, python)
    New QGIS style files for raster and vector LIS product
    Use OTB Application Python API instead of call to subprocess
    Use Python Logging module for Python scripts instead of using print
    Changed compute_cloud_mask and compute_snow_mask by OTB applications
    Added a new app to generate the JSON configuration file (
    Changed the way the product is generated to avoid data duplication
    Change rasterize step to contour detection using 8 connectivity to generate the rgb composition
    Improved detection by adjusting default parameter red_pass2 from 0.120 to 0.40
    Improve code quality (pep8 and pylint)
    Improve installation instructions in the
    Fix cpu usage to respect the "nb_threads" parameter set in the json file.
    The output product now use the input product directory name as PRODUCT_ID in the xml file.