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# OTB guided tour
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# OTB guided tour
The OTB guided tour is a worskhop that will take you through Orfeo Toolbox basics :
- the presentation will give an overview of OTB main features
- the demonstration of Monteverdi will let you display your remote sensing images
- you will learn how to use OTB applications
- you will learn how to use the Python API, to chain applications
- an optional notebook will show how to use the classification framework to launch a landcover classification
There are different ways to follow this workshop :
- you want to install OTB on your own computer (Linux, Windows, Mac OS) and already have a Python environment (3.x)
- you want to use a Virtual Machine already packed with all the software and data
The latter option is easy to install with Virtual Box.
But the first option will let you more possibilities to use OTB in your own environment and will be more efficient.
## Install OTB & workshop content
1) To install OTB, please refer to
2) Please also check your Python configuration (
3) Download the datapackage (<link >)
4) Clone or download this repository
## Install a virtual machine
First you shall install Virtual Box, and then download our virtual machine :
- < download link >
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