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DOC: add references to the paper of the algorithms and to the ITK filters

parent 893bff1a
......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ private:
"This filter relies on integral images. Overflow may happen though the risk is limited "
" by OTB mechanism which process data by chunks.");
SetDocSeeAlso(" ");
// Parameter declarations
......@@ -62,11 +62,21 @@ private:
"This application applies a smoothing filter to an "
"image. Three methods can be used: a gaussian filter , a mean filter "
", or an anisotropic diffusion using the Perona-Malik algorithm.");
"image. Three methods can be used: a mean filter, a gaussian filter based on [1]"
", or an anisotropic diffusion using the Perona-Malik algorithm [2].");
SetDocSeeAlso(" ");
SetDocSeeAlso("FastNLMeans \n"
"[1] Tony Lindeberg Discrete "
"Scale-Space Theory and the Scale-Space Primal Sketch. Dissertation. Royal "
"Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. May 1991 \n"
"[2] Pietro Perona and Jitendra Malik, "
"Scale-space and edge detection using anisotropic diffusion, "
"IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis Machine Intelligence, vol. 12, pp. 629-639, 1990. \n"
"itk::MeanImageFilter (mean mode)\n"
"itk::DiscreteGaussianImageFilter (gaussian mode)\n"
"itk::GradientAnisotropicDiffusionImageFilter (anidif mode)."
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