Commit f3c553c9 authored by Cédric Traizet's avatar Cédric Traizet
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Merge branch '2076-develop-package-names-3' into 'develop'

Resolve "Develop package names"

Closes #2076

See merge request orfeotoolbox/otb!740
parents ac75fa33 7d10e3ce
......@@ -47,11 +47,29 @@ else # On release
ssh rm -rf ${jobs_directory}/*
# Remove old package and source file
echo "Removing old package and sources"
ssh \
rm ${jobs_directory}/OTB-*.zip \
# Push package
echo "Pushing binary packages"
echo "Pushing new binary and sources packages"
scp OTB-*.{run,zip}${jobs_directory}/.
echo "Removing old CookBook"
ssh \
rm ${jobs_directory}/CookBook-*-html.tar.gz
echo "Removing old Doxygen"
ssh \
rm ${jobs_directory}/OTB-Doxygen-*.tar.bz2
# Push doc
echo "Pushing documentation"
echo "Pushing new documentation"
scp {CookBook-*-html.tar.gz,OTB-Doxygen-*.tar.bz2}${jobs_directory}/.
# Create zip, tar.gz and tar.xy source
......@@ -59,11 +77,12 @@ echo "Creating source tarball and zip"
git archive --format=zip -o OTB-sources-"$CI_COMMIT_SHORT_SHA".zip HEAD
git archive --format=tgz -o OTB-sources-"$CI_COMMIT_SHORT_SHA".tar.gz HEAD
git archive --format=tar.xz -o OTB-sources-"$CI_COMMIT_SHORT_SHA".tar.xz HEAD
# Remove old source file
echo "Removing old sources"
ssh \
rm ${jobs_directory}/OTB-sources-*.zip \
#echo "Removing old sources"
#ssh \
#rm ${jobs_directory}/OTB-sources-*.zip \
# Push new source file
echo "Pushing new sources"
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