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DOC: Update the release notes

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OTB-v 8.1.0 - Changes since version 8.0.1 (August 11th, 2022)
Features added:
* !917: Avoid reloading the same DEM directory by Julien Osman
* !904: Add default radius value to NewFunctorFilter overload by Laurențiu Nicola
Bugs fixed:
* !922: Fix strange behavior of BandMath in python pipeline by calling RegisterPipeline() by Rémi Cresson
* !920: Correctly take into account the extended filename writerpctag by Julien Osman
* !918: Fix Pixel shift in pleiades orthorectification by Thibaut ROMAIN
* !914: Read RPC model from images writen by OTB by Julien Osman
* !879: Fix SetParameterString for listview parameters by Cédric Traizet
* !889: HaralickTextureExtraction: Clarify the definition of the parameters xrad and yrad by Julien Osman
* !887: Improve Python errors of mismatched types by Luc Hermitte
Licence and legislation matters:
* !905: Remove the 'Lena' image by Julien Osman
OTB-v 8.0.1 - Changes since version 8.0.0 (April 27th, 2022)
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