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REFAC: update release notes for OTB 7.4.0-rc2

parent 7e734fd2
OTB-v 7.4.0 - Changes since version 7.3.0 (August 9th, 2021)
OTB-v 7.4.0 - Changes since version 7.3.0 (August 30th, 2021)
Bugs fixed:
* !850: Fix onlyvalidsamples in SARDeburst and allpixels in SARBurstExtraction by Cédric Traizet
* !849: FIX: mosaic output image size fit best inputs extents by Rémi Cresson
* !831: bug fixes in Sentinel 1 calibration by Cédric Traizet
* !837: Fix Superbuild compilation with gcc-8 by Guillaume Pasero
* !838: ExtractROI: Test inverted extent on indices instead of physical coordinates by Julien Osman
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