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# How to push changes ?
## Reporting bug
If you have found a bug, you can first search [the existing issues]( to see if it has already been reported. If not, please [open a new issue]( on GitLab.
## Merge Request
Your contribution is ready to be added to the main repository? Send a Merge
Request against the `develop` branch on GitLab using the merge request
template. When your MR is ready and the CI is green, add the label "~ReadyForReview",
the maintainers of this projet will review and merge to develop.
## GitLab guidelines
### Labels
Regarding labels, we use the following set:
* ~"To Do": action is planned
* ~Doing: Work in progress
* ~"To be verified by CNES": Verification to be done by CNES
* ~Accepted: Issue correction accepted by CNES. To be closed by QA.
* ~ReadyForReview : Review will be done by CS before merging
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