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......@@ -227,12 +227,13 @@ lives in a sub-directory of the OTB-Wrapping project (within the Libraries direc
See SampleCMakeLists.txt in the Documentation directory for a description of each macro and option that
can appear in such a file. What follows is the usual set of commands that will appear:
\verb$WRAP_LIBRARY("otbMySpatialObjectExtensions")$ \\
\verb$SET(WRAPPER_LIBRARY_DEPENDS itkSpatialObject itkBase)$ \\
\verb$END_WRAP_LIBRARY()$ \\
\item \verb$WRAP_LIBRARY$ sets up the environment to wrap a set of classes into a
......@@ -277,6 +278,7 @@ simple image filter like
Here is what should be the file
WRAP_CLASS("otb::StreamingShrinkImageFilter" POINTER)
......@@ -284,6 +286,7 @@ WRAP_CLASS("otb::StreamingShrinkImageFilter" POINTER)
The file contains several macros useful to make the wrapping easy. It contains
a \verb$WRAP_CLASS$ - \verb$END_WRAP_CLASS$ wich contains itself some
......@@ -434,10 +437,57 @@ for the types used to wrap a class, a correct way to do so is :
With the MANGLE\_NAME Macro, it will be in two steps :
\item\verb!MANGLE_NAME(${ITKM_IF2} ${ITKM_IF2} )!
\item\verb!ADD_TEMPLATE("${MANGLED_NAME}" "${ITKT_IF2}, ${ITKM_IF2}")!
\item\verb!ADD_TEMPLATE("${MANGLED_NAME}" "${ITKT_IF2}, \${ITKM_IF2}")!
\subsection{JavaDoc generation}
\subsection{HTML JavaDoc generation}
All the classes wrapped in Java language (in Python too) contains the comments
present in the c++ source code. The tags in the comments were translated to be
specific to the tool Javadoc (@param, @return, @see...).
In order to handle the Latex formulas present in the comments, the tool JavaDoc alone
does not convert the Tex formulas to PNG. The taglet LatexLet allows to use Latex within
JavaDoc comments.
\subsubsection{Generate JavaDoc documentation}
First, download the taglet LatexLet
here~:\\ \url{}.
Once the OTB-Wrapping project built, go to the directory Language/Java/Proxies/src/.
All the java classes generated are there.
Then, to generate the javadoc HTML documentaion use the javadoc command with the following options :
>javadoc -d DESTINATION
-taglet latexlet.InlineBlockLaTeXlet
-taglet latexlet.BlockLaTeXlet
-taglet latexlet.InlineLaTeXlet
The options mean :
\item -d DESTINTAION : Destination directory for output files
\item -taglet * : The fully qualified name of Taglet to register
\item -tagletpath PATH\_TO\_THE\_LATEXLET\_JAR : Complete path to the taglet jar
\item org/*/*/*.java : the sources files.
\subsubsection{Generate JavaDoc while compilation}
The method above shows how to generate the HTML javadoc documentation with
a command line after OTB-Wrapping was built. It is possible to include this step
in the compilation process.
For that, two cmake variables have to be edited in the project configuration step with cmake.
\item LATEXLET\_JAR : Path to the LatexLet taglet allowing to convert Tex formula to PNG.
Not setting this field will result in the absence of formulas in the generated javadoc
\item WRAP\_ITK\_JAVADOC : by default on OFF. Put this variable to ON if to include the html javadoc generation
in the compilation process.
The resulting documentation is located in BIN\_DIR/Languages/Doc/Javadoc.
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