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DOC: Distinguish between features and processing chains

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\begin{block}{How people use them}
\item A standard way to package new feature to share with other
\item Ranging from small modules (1 filter, 1 app)
\item ... to full processing chains as remote module
\item Small modules (1 filter, 1 app) or bigger
\item Processing chains in Python relying on one (or more) remote modules
\subsection{Features as Remote Modules}
\begin{frame}{OTBTF: How deep is the OTB?}
\item Remote module developed by Remi Cresson (IRSTEA)
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35129x25161 pixels: 3 221 860 polygons segmented in 16 minutes on 32 cluster nodes!
\subsection{Processing chains}
\begin{frame}{Let It Snow: Snow mapping made easy}
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\item 2016: \url{}
\item 2017: \url{}
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