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DOC: Corrections of WorkGuide and Slides

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......@@ -239,7 +239,7 @@ Open one of the files in QGIS. The attribute table can be accessed by
Some optional parameters should also be set as follows:
- Random forest classifier for the learning algorithm,
- The number of tree set to 50,
- The maximum number of tree set to 50,
- The maximal tree depth to 20,
- The minimum number of samples in each node to 70,
- The number of clusters to 13 (equal to the number of classes)
......@@ -256,7 +256,7 @@ Open one of the files in QGIS. The attribute table can be accessed by
(you therefore set two different shp files in the
application). What can be observed ?
Do the training again, and deactivate the ~cleanup~ option. Look
Do the training again, and deactivate the ~temporary files cleaning~ option. Look
at the intermediate data that have been generated. What are they
used for ?
......@@ -244,7 +244,7 @@ polygones qui définissent 13 classes sur l'ensemble de la scène:
Régler certains paramètres optionnels comme suit:
- Le classifieur "Random Forests" pour l'algorithme
- Le nombre d'arbres à 50,
- Le nombre maximale d'arbres à 50,
- La profondeur maximale de l'arbre à 20,
- Le nombre minimum d'échantillons pour chaque noeud à 70,
- Le nombre de clusters à 13 (équivalent au nombre de classes)
......@@ -126,7 +126,7 @@
**** Display an image stack in Monteverdi
Open the 9 LS8 images in the ~Data/classification/Extract16bits/~
Open the 5 Sentinel-2 images in the ~Data/classification/images/~
Change the bands to display natural colors (red: Band 3, green: band 2, blue: band
......@@ -142,20 +142,20 @@
**** Display an image in QGIS
Open the first LS8 image in QGIS. Use the contextual menu of the layer to
Open the first Sentinel-2 image in QGIS. Use the contextual menu of the layer to
change color dynamics to have the same rendering as in Monteverdi. In the
same contextual menu, add this style to be able to apply it to other images.
Move in resolution.
Open other LS8 images and apply the rendering style you've just created.
Open other Sentinel-2 images and apply the rendering style you've just created.
What are the differences between Monteverdi and QGIS in terms of image
visualization and rendering functions ?
**** Display vector data in QGIS
Open ~training.shp~ in the ~Data/classification/training/~
Open ~training.shp~ in the ~Data/classification/references/training/~
Use the contextual menu to open the /Properties/ and /Style/ tabs. Use
......@@ -216,6 +216,9 @@ With ~phr_xs_osr_mipy.tif~:
(TOA-TOC). Compare the red, green and blue (B0,B1,B2) bands of the
TOA and TOC images. Which band is more impacted by atmospheric
effects ?
*Note:* The application BandMathX can apply one operation to all the bands simultaneously.
4. Apply operations 1, 2 and optionally 3 to the panchromatic image ~phr_pan_osr_mipy.tif~.
_Tips :_
......@@ -351,7 +354,7 @@ _Tips :_
1. Without Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
2. With a DEM and a geoid (use the ~SRTM~ directory)
2. With a DEM (use the ~SRTM~ directory) and a geoid file (~Geoid/egm96.grd~)
3. Compare the 2 images in Monteverdi. What do you notice?
4. What is the projection system by default in the *Orthorectification* application?
5. In which UTM zone is located the Pleiades image?
......@@ -213,6 +213,8 @@ Avec l'image ~phr_xs_osr_mipy.tif~:
en ligne de commande (TOA-TOC). Comparez cette différence pour les bandes
rouge, verte et bleue (B0,B1,B2). Quelle bande est le plus /impactée/ par la
correction TOC?
*Note:* L'application "BandMathX" peut appliquer une operation sur plusieurs bandes
en même temps.
4. Appliquez les opérations 1, 2 et 3 à l'image panchromatique ~phr_pan_osr_mipy.tif~.
_Trucs et astuces :_
......@@ -343,7 +345,8 @@ _Trucs et astuces :_
Utilisez l'application *Orthorectification* pour réaliser
l'orthorectification du produit fusionné:
1. Sans DEM
2. Avec un DEM et un geoid (utilisez le sous-répertoire ~SRTM~)
2. Avec un DEM (utilisez le sous-répertoire ~SRTM~) et un fichier de geoid (utilisez le fichier
3. Comparez les 2 images en sortie dans Monteverdi. Que constatez vous?
4. Quel est le système de projection par défaut dans l'application *Orthorectification*?
5. Dans quelle zone UTM se trouve l'extrait PHR Pléiades?
#+TITLE: Formation à l'Orfeo ToolBox: Introduction des Travaux Pratiques
#+AUTHOR: OTB team
#+DATE: 2017
#+DATE: 2018
#+startup: beamer
#+startup: oddeven
......@@ -126,3 +126,5 @@ parameter values in the GUI (Mapla or Monteverdi).
#+INCLUDE: "" :minlevel 1
* SAR processing on Sentinel-1 images
#+INCLUDE: "" :minlevel 2
* OTB Applications on Python API
#+INCLUDE: "" :minlevel 2
#+TITLE: Formation à l'Orfeo ToolBox: Solutions des Travaux Pratiques
#+DATE: 2017
#+DATE: 2018
#+LaTeX_CLASS: article
#+LaTeX_CLASS_OPTIONS: [a4paper,10pt,twoside,pdftex,openright]
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