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    BUG: fix qt5 compilation on ubuntu 18.04 · c621e0e6
    Manuel Grizonnet authored
    This commit not only includes the bugfix for qt5 on ubuntu but also some improvments in the qt5 external project.
    The fix concern only the following modification:
    - add -qt-harfbuzz in the configure script to fix libz conflict
    Other minor updates:
    - upgrade qt version to last stable release 5.11.1
    - remove commented cmake configuration related to qt4
    - add options -optimize-size and -silent options in the configure script to optimize the package
    see https://blog.qt.io/blog/2017/05/31/qt-lite-qt-5-9-lts/ for detail about the size optimization (contrl compiler flags)
    silent option reduce the output generated in the build tree. Perhaps not a good idea...
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