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    ENH: fix generation of qgis descriptors · cc60dd19
    Rashad Kanavath authored
    descriptors are generated with a custom target called
    'generate_descriptors'. It depends on all OTBAPP.txt
    So a missing .txt during installation will try to generate txt file.
    This make sure all available applications have a valid descriptor.
    There is a internal custom target called clean_descr which depends on
    otbQgisDescriptor executable. This target re-create an empty directory
    set in OTB_INSTALL_DESCR_DIR under OTB_BINARY_DIR. This make sure every
    execution of generate_descriptor target is a clean one.
    Finally, custom target is executed by make install using cmake's
    install(CODE. Users can either can "make generate_descriptors" manually
    or is automatically called during install.
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