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DOC: Port missing cookbook commit

This ports this commit from otb-documents which didn't make it in time
for the merge:
parent 6a382c43
......@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ double-click on the file, or with the command line :
Please note that the resulting installation is not meant to be moved,
you should uncompress the archive in its final location. Once the
archive is extracted, the directory structure is made of :
archive is extracted, the directory structure is made of:
- ```` : A launcher script for Monteverdi
......@@ -97,6 +97,18 @@ The applications can be launched from the Mapla launcher. If you want to
use the otbcli and otbgui launchers, you can initialize your environment
with ``source otbenv.profile``.
- You must use monteverdi and mapla through ```` and ```` helper scripts in extracted directory.
- The helper scripts for monteverdi and mapla set required environment variables
- You might be tempted to move ``OTB-X.Y-Linux64`` into another location say /usr/local/ after extraction. But avoid this action!
- To have ``OTB-X.Y-Linux64`` installed in /usr/local or /opt execute in that directory.
- Multiple installation of OTB can exists in same system without one conflicting the other!
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