Commit 18228983 authored by Jonathan Guinet's avatar Jonathan Guinet
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ENH: remove non-ASCII characters.

parent d28c2e46
......@@ -45,11 +45,11 @@ class ITK_EXPORT LeafParameters : public itk::DataObject
itkTypeMacro(LeafParameters, DataObject);
/** Set/Get Chlorophyll content (µg/cm2)*/
/** Set/Get Chlorophyll content (ug/cm2)*/
itkSetMacro(Cab, double);
itkGetMacro(Cab, double);
/** Set/Get Carotenoid content (µg/cm2)*/
/** Set/Get Carotenoid content (ug/cm2)*/
itkSetMacro(Car, double);
itkGetMacro(Car, double);
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