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DOC: add documentation for RPCSolver::Solve

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......@@ -33,6 +33,15 @@ namespace otb
using GCPType = std::pair<Point2DType, Point3DType>;
using GCPsContainerType = std::vector<GCPType>;
/** Solve RPC modelling from a set of GCPs and image bounds.
* The estimated RPC model is written in a RPCParam structure that can
* for instance be added to an ImageMetadata object.
* Please note that at least 20 points are required to estimate the
* RPC model. Between 20 and 40 points, the estimated model will
* not provide elevation support, since there are not enough points
* to estimate all the coefficients. Starting at 40 points, a full
* RPC model is estimated.
void Solve(const GCPsContainerType& gcpContainer, double& rmsError, Projection::RPCParam& outputParams);
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