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Welcome to OTB CookBook's documentation!
*The ORFEO Toolbox is not a black box.*
Orfeo ToolBox (OTB) is an open-source set of tools for remote sensing images
processing, distributed under the CeCILL-v2 license. It has been initiated and
funded by CNES (French space agency) in the frame of a program named ORFEO to
prepare, accompany and promote the use and the exploitation of the images
derived from Pléiades satellites (PHR). Orfeo ToolBox aims at enabling large
images state-of-the-art processing even on limited resources laptops, and is
shipped with a set of extensible ready-to-use tools for classical remote sensing
tasks, as well as a fully integrated, end-users oriented software called
Since its begining in 2006, Orfeo ToolBox has become a rich library used in many
remote sensing context: from research work to operational systems. The
OTB applications and more recently Monteverdi have helped to
broaden the audience of the library, giving access to its
functionalities to non-developers.
Meanwhile, the `OTB Software Guide <>`_ has grown to more than
700 pages of documented code examples, which, combined with the class
documentation with the `Doxygen <>`_,
allows developer users to find their way through the Orfeo ToolBox so
as to write code suiting their needs.
Yet, the documentation available for non-developers users, using
Monteverdi and OTB Applications to perform everyday remote sensing
tasks, has been almost inexistent for all these years, and these users
had to learn the software by themselves or ask for help from more
experienced users. This cookbook aims at fulfilling the need for an
appropriate documentation of the applications built upon the Orfeo
ToolBox: Monteverdi, and OTB Applications, which are now
integrated into the main Orfeo ToolBox package and provide several
access mode (command-line, QT interface, QGis plugins, other languages
A general introduction to these tools is first presented, along with
installation instructions. Rather than describing all modules and
applications in an exhaustive way, we then decided to focus on very
common remote sensing tasks, detailing how they can be achieved with
either Monteverdi or an application.
For more information on the Orfeo ToolBox, please feel free to visit
the `Orfeo ToolBox website <>`_.
`Orfeo ToolBox (OTB) <>`_ is an open source project for state-of-the-art remote
sensing. Built on the shoulders of the open-source geospatial community, it can
process high resolution optical, multispectral and radar images at the terabyte
scale. A wide variety of applications are available: from ortho-rectification or
pansharpening, all the way to classification, SAR processing, and much more!
All of OTB's algorithms are accessible from its graphical interface called
Monteverdi, from QGIS, Python, the command line or C++. Monteverdi is an easy to
use, hardware accelerated visualization tool for satellite images in sensor
geometry. With it, end-users can visualize huge raw imagery products
and access all of the applications in the toolbox. From ressource limited
laptops to high performance clusters, OTB is available on Windows, Linux and
Mac. It is community driven, extensible and heavily documented.
Orfeo ToolBox is not a black box!
This is the CookBook documentation for users. If you are new to OTB and
Monteverdi, start here. It will go through how to install OTB on your system,
how to start using Monteverdi and OTB applications to view and process your
data, and recipies on how to accomplish typical remote sensing tasks.
Finally, there is also documentation on every application shipped with OTB.
For other documentation, be sure to read:
- `OTB Software Guide <>`_ for advanced users and developers.
The software guide contains documented code examples,
descriptions of the ITK pipeline model, multithreading and
streaming functionalities, and an introduction to the C++ API.
- `Doxygen <>`_, for exhaustive documentation
of the C++ API.
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