Commit 22651c2b authored by Ludovic Hussonnois's avatar Ludovic Hussonnois
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BUG: Correct Quicklook application behavior for python binding.

parent a35865d2
......@@ -183,10 +183,10 @@ bool CropRegionOfInterest()
if (region.Crop(GetParameterImage("in")->GetLargestPossibleRegion()))
SetParameterInt("rsx",region.GetSize(0), false);
SetParameterInt("rsy",region.GetSize(1), false);
SetParameterInt("rox",region.GetIndex(0), false);
SetParameterInt("roy",region.GetIndex(1), false);
SetParameterInt( "rsx", region.GetSize(0), HasUserValue("rsx") );
SetParameterInt( "rsy", region.GetSize(1), HasUserValue("rsy") );
SetParameterInt( "rox", region.GetIndex(0), HasUserValue("rox") );
SetParameterInt( "roy", region.GetIndex(1), HasUserValue("roy") );
return true;
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