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ENH: update release notes for release candidate 7.2

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OTB-v 7.2.0 - Changes since version 7.1.0 (August 28th, 2020)
Features added:
* !709: Add \"epsg\" filename extension by Julien Osman
* !708: Spectral angle classification by Cédric Traizet
* !704: Pantex texture extraction application by Cédric Traizet
Bugs fixed:
* !730: Freetype and libPNG detection in QT5 by Cédric Traizet
* !727: FIX: StreamingMosaicFilter childs can have a different number of components per pixel at output by Rémi Cresson
* !725: Fix superbuild with OpenCV4 by Cédric Traizet
* !720: Fix spatial reference equality tests by Cédric Traizet
* !714: BUG: #2046 Add an epsilon margin to compute the m_ReachableOutputRegion by Julien Osman
* !705: Initialize seed with std::time if not user-supplied by Guillaume Pernot
* !696: Fix warnings by Cédric Traizet
* !731: Update MuParser in Superbuild by Cédric Traizet and Julie Brossard
* !715: Update GDAL version in superbuild (3.1.0) by Cédric Traizet
* !711: Updates QT5, ITK and pcre by Cédric Traizet
* !698: ENH: Use std::move instead of boost::move by Laurențiu Nicola
* !694: Update ul_lon/lat, ur_lon/lat, lr_lon/lat and ll_lon/lat for CosmoSkymed Sensor by Gaëlle USSEGLIO
* !683: Refactor compare image by Cédric Traizet
* !721: Deploy Doxygen documentation in CI by Cédric Traizet
* !719: Fix Centos CI build by Cédric Traizet
* !738: Update PSC informations by Julien Osman
* !735: Correct menu instructions to open application-browser in Monteverdi by Julien Osman
* !728: DOC: Deprecate methods that will be removed in OTB 8.0.0 by Julien Osman
* !722: Clean QGIS interface documentation according migration into QGIS documentation by Mickael Savinaud
* !716: Error in the documenation of the QGIS plugin by Cédric Traizet
* !713: Update documentation for QGIS, Python and multiwriter by Cédric Traizet
* !702: DOC: correct filthy typo by Rémi Cresson
* !695: DOC: Fixed typos by guillaume pernot
OTB-v 7.1.0 - Changes since version 7.0.0 (March 16th, 2020)
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