Commit 24e260fa authored by Cédric Traizet's avatar Cédric Traizet

BUG: fix compilation error in assertion (pointer->reference)

parent 8fe331f3
......@@ -1248,7 +1248,7 @@ void TerraSarImageMetadataInterface::PrintSelf(std::ostream& os, itk::Indent ind
void TerraSarImageMetadataInterface::Parse(const MetadataSupplierInterface & mds)
assert(mds->GetNbBands() == this->m_Imd.Bands.size());
assert(mds.GetNbBands() == this->m_Imd.Bands.size());
// Metadata read by GDAL
Fetch(MDNum::LineSpacing, mds, "ROW_SPACING");
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