Commit 27220abf authored by Manuel Grizonnet's avatar Manuel Grizonnet

DOC: add in haralick apps that formulas are available in filter documentation

parent 404d2b1d
......@@ -81,16 +81,20 @@ SetDocLongDescription(
"Entropy (measure of randomness of intensity image), Correlation (how "
"correlated a pixel is to its neighborhood), Inverse Difference Moment (measures "
"the texture homogeneity), Inertia (intensity contrast between a pixel and its "
"neighborhood), Cluster Shade, Cluster Prominence, Haralick Correlation;\n"
"neighborhood), Cluster Shade, Cluster Prominence, Haralick Correlation;\n\n"
"* advanced: a set of 10 advanced Haralick features: Mean, Variance (measures the "
"texture heterogeneity), Dissimilarity, Sum Average, Sum Variance, Sum Entropy, "
"Difference of Entropies, Difference of Variances, IC1, IC2;\n"
"Difference of Entropies, Difference of Variances, IC1, IC2;\n\n"
"* higher: a set of 11 higher Haralick features: Short Run Emphasis (measures the "
"texture sharpness), Long Run Emphasis (measures the texture roughness), Grey-Level "
"Nonuniformity, Run Length Nonuniformity, Run Percentage (measures the texture "
"sharpness homogeneity), Low Grey-Level Run Emphasis, High Grey-Level Run Emphasis, "
"Short Run Low Grey-Level Emphasis, Short Run High Grey-Level Emphasis, Long Run Low "
"Grey-Level Emphasis and Long Run High Grey-Level Emphasis.");
"Grey-Level Emphasis and Long Run High Grey-Level Emphasis.\n\n"
"The documentation of textures (description are formulas) are available in corresponding doxygen documentation of filters (see section *Detailed Description* in doxygen):\n"
"* **simple**: otbScalarImageToTexturesFilter\n"
"* **advanced**: otbScalarImageToAdvancedTexturesFilter\n"
"* **higher**: otbScalarImageToHigherOrderTexturesFilter");
SetDocLimitations("The computation of the features is based on a Gray Level Co-occurrence "
"matrix (GLCM) from the quantized input image. Consequently the quantization "
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