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......@@ -188,11 +188,11 @@ Regarding labels, we use the following set:
| ~"Waiting for answer" | Waiting for an answer or for a detailed context |
| ~breaking | Changes introduced by this issue will break the API |
| ~refactoring | Issue related to improvements like refactoring, tests, maintenance, etc |
| ~documentation | Improvemen tof the documentation |
| ~ci | Issue related to the continuous integration plateform |
| ~documentation | Documentation improvements|
| ~ci | Issue related to the continuous integration platform |
| ~api ~app ~legal ~monteverdi <br> ~packaging ~qgis | Optional context information |
## Issues life cycle
## Issue life cycle
When an issue is open, the core development team will review it in a
first analysis. During this first analysis, the team will evaluate is
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