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......@@ -720,7 +720,7 @@ QtWidgetView
emit OTBApplicationOutputImageChanged(
QString( otbApp->GetName() ),
QString( outputParam->GetFileName() )
QFile::decodeName( outputParam->GetFileName() )
Monteverdi2 Release Note
Monteverdi Release Note
Monteverdi 3.0.0 - Changes since version 0.8.1 (June 1st, 2015)
* Versionning
- Monteverdi2 discontinued and becomes Monteverdi 3.0.0
- MApLa (Monteverdi Application Launcher) has been created.
* Repository data
- The cache directory and persitent database has been abandonned: Monteverdi 3 works more like a viewer than a catalogue.
* OTB-application features
- OTB-applications are now loaded on demand via the File/Load OTB-applications menu item.
- The OTB-applications browser dock-widget is now floating by default but can still be docked.
- OTB-applications pannels are now opened as pop-up dialogs (same as in OTB) instead of being tabbed.
* GUI features
- Internationalization:
+ Updated French translation.
- Color dynamics:
+ Added alpha (translucency) control.
- Multi-image management:
+ Several images can be loaded and viewed simultaneously.
+ Added layer-stack dock-widget to manage layers (order, delete, drop from file manager etc.) and display some information (sensor-mode, mutli-resolution pyramid level, effect, index undex cursor, pixel intensities for RGB bands, physical position under cursor).
- Rendering/Image navigation:
+ Dynamic reprojection of all images in projection of selected image.
+ Added per-layer dynamic mouse-cursor effects (chessboard, gradient, local contrast, local translucency, spectral angle, swipe).
+ Improved zooming functions (zoom to overall extent, zoom to layer extent, zoom to 1:1 scale).
+ Added keyboard & mouse shortcuts to improve interactive navigation & edit per-layer effects (see Help/Keymap... menu item).
- Miscellaneous UI features:
+ Added rendering preferences (level of multi-resolution pyramid algorithm, image tile-size).
+ Added Help/Keymap... documentation.
+ Added save/restore window layout.
* Mapla features
- Standalone program
- Consists of a main-window containing the OTB-application browser
- Ability to launch several OTB-application pannels as pop-up dialogs.
* Bugfixes:
- MANTIS-1104: Crash as soon as I open an image
- MANTIS-1100: Crash when trying to Apply same parameters (dynamic, effects, color map...) on images with different number of bands
- MANTIS-1072: I18nCoreApplication::ElevationSetup() exceptions not displayed
- MANTIS-1070: otb::DEMHandler not updated properly when resetting DEM-directory and/or Geoid-file
- MANTIS-1064: Exception thrown () when moving image in layer-stack by drag-n-dropping
- MANTIS-1015: libxml-dev dependency missing for libotb-dev
- MANTIS-902: Report missing otbIce headers when building Monteverdi2
- MANTIS-894: Monteverdi 2 does not support LUM image format, contrary to Monteverdi 1
- MANTIS-1017: Missing gdal-bin dependency in package libotb-dev
- MANTIS-1033: Crash when updating no data value in mv2
- MANTIS-897: Most of OTB applications crash with JP2 image as input
- MANTIS-634: Steps of Quantiles spin-box are to coarse
- MANTIS-639: Using keyboard arrows with Monteverdi2 maximized grabs all keyboards events
- MANTIS-633: Can not edit spinner fields in Video Color Dynamics widget
- MANTIS-637: Displacements associated with vertical keyboard arrows are inverted with respect to Monteverdi 1.x
- MANTIS-636: Displacement related to keyboard arrows is to small
- MANTIS-645: Viewport goes black or diminish when maximising or resizing the window after opening image
- MANTIS-646: Viewport is black or diminish when maximising or resizing the window before opening image
- MANTIS-654: When minimzing the window, all widgets are closed
Monteverdi2-0.8.0 - Changes since version 0.6.0 (September 4th, 2014)
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