Commit 3b16ebe6 authored by Guillaume Pasero's avatar Guillaume Pasero

CI: remove old ubuntu wip

parent c1363153
Pipeline #998 failed with stage
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...@@ -71,12 +71,7 @@ debian-build: ...@@ -71,12 +71,7 @@ debian-build:
- build/Documentation/Cookbook/latex/CookBook-*.pdf - build/Documentation/Cookbook/latex/CookBook-*.pdf
- build/Documentation/Doxygen/OTB-Doxygen-*.tar.bz2 - build/Documentation/Doxygen/OTB-Doxygen-*.tar.bz2
# This is needed to have only one pipeline in a merge request context
ubuntu-llvm: ubuntu-llvm:
only: [merge_requests] only: [merge_requests]
extends: .common-build extends: .common-build
except: [merge_requests]
extends: .common-build
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