Commit 49f54387 authored by Julien Osman's avatar Julien Osman
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Merge branch '2274-muparser-version-detection' into 'release-8.0'

Correct regex to parse muparser version

See merge request !910
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......@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ if(EXISTS "${MUPARSER_INCLUDE_DIR}/muParserDef.h")
# Try to find the version for muparser >= 2.3
string(REGEX REPLACE ".*static *const *string_type *ParserVersion *= *string_type\\(_T\\(\"([0-9.]+)\"\\)\\);.*"
string(REGEX REPLACE ".*static *const *string_type *ParserVersion *= *string_type\\(_T\\(\"([0-9.]+)([^0-9.]+)?\"\\)\\);.*"
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