Commit 4adc14f0 authored by Stéphane Albert's avatar Stéphane Albert
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ENH: Fixed initialization of otb::GlImageActor::m_AvailableResolutions...

ENH: Fixed initialization of otb::GlImageActor::m_AvailableResolutions including one level in excess and causing otb::JPEG2000ImageIO::ReadImageInfo() to throw exception "Cannot open this file with this resolution!"
parent 833cd13a
......@@ -144,12 +144,8 @@ void GlImageActor::Initialize(const std::string & filename)
for(unsigned int i =0; i < ovrCount;++i)
for( unsigned int i=0; i<ovrCount; ++i )
m_AvailableResolutions.push_back( i );
m_CurrentResolution = m_AvailableResolutions.front();
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