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DOC: Create a new chapter with extended filenames and environment variables in...

DOC: Create a new chapter with extended filenames and environment variables in cookbook. Document all environment variables
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.. _extended-filenames:
Advanced Use
This section describes advanced configuration options and tricks.
Environment variables that affects Orfeo ToolBox
The following environment variables are parsed by Orfeo ToolBox. Note
that they only affect default values, and that settings in extended
filenames, applications, monteverdi or custom C++ code might override
those values.
* ``OTB_DEM_DIRECTORY``: Default directory were DEM tiles are stored. It should only contain ```.hgt`` or or georeferenced ``.tif`` files. Empty if not set (no directory set)
* ``OTB_GEOID_FILE``: Default path to the geoid file that will be used to retrieve height of DEM above ellipsoid. Empty if not set (no geoid set)
* ``OTB_MAX_RAM_HINT``: Default maximum memory that OTB should use for processing, in MB. If not set, default value is 128 MB.
* ``OTB_LOGGER_LEVEL``: Default level of logging for OTB. Should be one of ``DEBUG``, ``INFO``, ``WARNING``, ``CRITICAL`` or ``FATAL``, by increasing order of priority. Only messages with a higher priority than the level of logging will be displayed. By default level is ``DEBUG`` for Debug build and ``INFO`` otherwise.
Extended filenames
.. _extended-filenames:
Extended filenames is an interesting feature of OTB. With it, you can control
several aspects of the beahvior of the OTB in the OTB-Applications or in our
......@@ -42,7 +59,6 @@ applications from the bash command line.**
Reader options
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