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DOC: Blockmatching doc update.

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......@@ -131,7 +131,7 @@ private:
SetDocLongDescription("This application allows to performs block-matching to estimate pixel-wise disparities "
"between two images. The application allows to choose the block-matching method to use. It also allows to input"
" masks (related to the left and right input image) of pixels for which the disparity should be investigated. "
"Additionnaly, two criterions can be optionnaly used to disable disparity investigation for some pixel: a "
"Additionally, two criteria can be optionally used to disable disparity investigation for some pixel: a "
"no-data value, and a threshold on the local variance. This allows to speed-up computation by avoiding to "
"investigate disparities that will not be reliable anyway. For efficiency reasons, if the optimal metric values"
" image is desired, it will be concatenated to the output image (which will then have three bands : horizontal "
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