Commit 53b89fb4 authored by remi cresson's avatar remi cresson

DOC: update application description

parent c62cab4a
......@@ -90,12 +90,16 @@ public:
// Documentation
SetDocLongDescription("This application computes zonal statistics from label image, or vector data. "
"The application inputs one input multiband image, and a label input. "
"If the label input is a raster, the output statistics are exported in a XML file. If the label "
"input is a vector data, the output statistics are exported in a new vector data with statistics "
"in the attribute table. The computed statistics are mean, min, max, and standard deviation.");
SetDocLimitations("The shapefile must fit in memory");
SetDocAuthors("Remi Cresson");
"The application inputs one input multiband image, and another input for zones definition. "
"Zones can be defined with a label image ( or a vector data layer "
"( The following statistics are computed over each zones: mean, min, max, "
"and standard deviation. Statistics can be exported in a vector layer (if the input zone "
"definition is a label image, it will be vectorized) or in a XML file");
SetDocLimitations("1) The must fit in memory (if \"inzone\" is \"vector\"). 2) The vectorized label "
"image must also fit in memory (if \"out\" is \"vector\"): if not, consider using \"out\" to "
SetDocAuthors("Remi Cresson, Jordi Inglada");
......@@ -137,7 +141,7 @@ public:
SetDocExampleParameterValue("", "myvector.shp");
SetDocExampleParameterValue("out.vector.filename", "myvector_with_stats.shp");
void DoUpdateParameters()
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