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TEST: deactivate cosmoskymed geom verification, as cosmo products hae 1 gcp while cosmo has none

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......@@ -466,7 +466,7 @@ set(worldview2_geom_file ${INPUTDATA}/wv2/wv2-2.geom)
set(quickbird_geom_file ${INPUTDATA}/QB/qb-2.geom)
set(Radarsat2_geom_file ${INPUTDATA}/radarsat2/radarsat2-1.geom)
set(TerraSar_geom_file ${INPUTDATA}/terrasar/terrasar-1.geom)
set(CosmoSkyMed_geom_file ${INPUTDATA}/cosmoskymed/cosmoskymed-1.geom)
#set(CosmoSkyMed_geom_file ${INPUTDATA}/cosmoskymed/cosmoskymed-1.geom)
foreach(sensor ${sensor_list})
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