Commit 6615603d authored by Antoine Regimbeau's avatar Antoine Regimbeau

Merge branch 'fix_doxygen_test_py3.6' into 'develop'

Fix doxygen test

See merge request !422
parents cb29a776 cbc1730e
Pipeline #448 passed with stage
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......@@ -81,9 +81,9 @@ def checkGroup( fname, group ):
# we don't care about doxygen fields not about a class
if r"\class" in dcontent and dcontent != " \class classname ":
# do we have a line with the expected content?
if not"\ingroup .*"+group+"( |$)", dcontent, re.MULTILINE):
if not"\\ingroup .*"+group+"( |$)", dcontent, re.MULTILINE):
# get class name and the line for debug output
cname ="\class +([^ ]*)", dcontent).group(1).strip()
cname ="\\class +([^ ]*)", dcontent).group(1).strip()
line = len(fcontent[:m.start(1)].splitlines())
sys.stderr.write(r'%s:%s: error: "\ingroup %s" not set in class %s.' % (fname, line, group, cname) +"\n")
ret = 1
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