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ENH: review TODO

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OTB Examples Directory
This directory contains simple, companion examples to the ORFEO
Toolbox (OTB). These examples are designed to demonstrate features of
the system; they are not meant to be significant applications of the
Specifically, the purpose of these examples is as follows:
* Provide simple, minimalist examples of important features of OTB and how
to use them. The examples have minimal dependencies on outside packages;
and if they do, there should be CMake flags to turn them off.
* Provide a consistent set of examples that will work in conjunctions with
the OTB Software Guide.
* Provide a consistent set of examples that will work with OTB tutorials
and courses.
* Make sure that the code is well documented, of consistent style, and
always up-to-date with the current OTB code.
To learn the software from these examples, you may wish to refer to the
"ORFEO Toolbox Software Guide".
* SOMLearningBehaviorFunctor not tested (wasn't compiling)
* PointSetAndValuesFunction not tested (wasn't compiling)
* compile without -Wshadow and fix as much warnings as possible
* remove KMLVectorDataIO since it should not be used. leave libkml dependency only for KmzWriter module.
* LineSegmentDetectorExample RightAngleDetectionExample depends on VectorDataRendering (mapnik) : rewrite it with the OGR based rasterization
* CurlHelperStub is only for tests : move to TestKernel
* Wrapper test (Java Python)
* Copyright statements
* Example README
* Check set_tests_property calls for resource lock (curl, ...)
* 0000209-SVMValidationLinearlySeparableProbEstimation not compiled and tested
* rewrite doc of ExplicitStreamingExample
* skipped tests :
Warning : test name contains a variable : owTvQtWidgetShow_${app}
Warning : test name contains a variable : ioTvMultiResolutionReadingInfo_${current_type}
Warning : test name contains a variable : ioTvImageKeywordlist_${current_type}
Warning : test name contains a variable : prTvotbGenericRSResampleImageFilterFromMap_${sensor_name}
Warning : test name contains a variable : prTvVectorDataIntoImageProjectionFilter_${VectorDataIntoImage_TESTNB}
Warning : test name contains a variable : ioTuJ2KImageIOCanRead_${current_type}
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