Commit 6bfac71c authored by Guillaume Pasero's avatar Guillaume Pasero
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BUG: fix vrTvImageLayer tests

parent 1df617d1
......@@ -684,8 +684,12 @@ ImageFileWriter<TInputImage>
// check that the image's buffered region is the same as
// ImageIO is expecting and we requested
InputImageRegionType ioRegion;
// No shift of the ioRegion from the buffered region is expected
typename InputImageRegionType::IndexType tmpIndex;
Convert(m_ImageIO->GetIORegion(), ioRegion, largestRegion.GetIndex());
Convert(m_ImageIO->GetIORegion(), ioRegion, tmpIndex);
InputImageRegionType bufferedRegion = input->GetBufferedRegion();
// before this test, bad stuff would happend when they don't match
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