Commit 6ee08b12 authored by Victor Poughon's avatar Victor Poughon

DOC: fix pdf build

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......@@ -223,7 +223,7 @@ latex_elements = {
# (source start file, target name, title,
# author, documentclass [howto, manual, or own class]).
latex_documents = [
('index_TOC', 'CookBook-@OTB_VERSION_MAJOR@.@OTB_VERSION_MINOR@.@OTB_VERSION_PATCH@.tex', u'OTB CookBook Documentation',
('index', 'CookBook-@OTB_VERSION_MAJOR@.@OTB_VERSION_MINOR@.@OTB_VERSION_PATCH@.tex', u'OTB CookBook Documentation',
u'OTB Team', 'manual'),
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