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ENH: Update the list of groups and their documentation

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# Set a list of group names
set(Core_documentation "This group of modules contain the toolkit framework used
by other modules. There are common base classes for data objects and process
objects, basic data structures such as Image, Mesh, QuadEdgeMesh, and
SpatialObjects, and common functionality for operations such as finite
differences, image adaptors, or image transforms.")
set(Compatibility_documentation "This group contains modules that ease the transition to ITKv4 and Deprecated classes.")
set(IO_documentation "This group of modules contains classes for reading and
writing images and other data objects.")
set(Filtering_documentation "This group of modules are filters that modify data
in the ITK pipeline framework. These filters take an input object, such as an
Image, and modify it to create an output. Filters can be chained together to
create a processing pipeline.")
set(Registration_documentation "This group of modules address the registration
problem: find the spatial transformation between two images. This is a high
level group that makes use of many lower level modules such as \\ref
ITKTransform, \\ref ITKOptimizers, \\ref ITKFiniteDifference, and \\ref
set(Segmentation_documentation "This group of modules address the segmentation
problem: partition the image into classified regions (labels). This is a high
level group that makes use of many lower level modules such as \\ref
ITKQuadEdgeMesh and \\ref ITKNarrowBand.")
set(Numerics_documentation "This group of modules are basic numerical tools and
algorithms that have general applications outside of imaging.")
set(Video_documentation "This group of modules handles input, output and processing
of static and real-time data with temporal components. It also handles communications
to OpenCV and VXL external libraires.")
set(Bridge_documentation "This group of modules are intended to bridge ITK to
other toolkits as libraries such as visualization toolkits.")
set(ThirdParty_documentation "This group of modules are third party libraries
used by other ITK modules.")
set(Nonunit_documentation "This group of modules are intended to make use of an
extensive set of the toolkit modules.")
set(Remote_documentation "This group of modules is for ITK based code that have
set(Adapters_documentation "This group contains adapters class to third party software")
set(Applications_documentation "This group contains the applications shipped with Orfeo TooLBox")
set(Core_documentation "This group contains the core module used in Orfeo ToolBox")
set(Detection_documentation "This group contains algorithms related to detection of low or high level objects")
set(Feature_documentation "This group contains algorithms related to the computation of features")
set(Filtering_documentation "This group contains algorithms for classical image to image processing")
set(Fusion_documentation "This group contains algorithms for data fusion, including pan-sharpening")
set(Hyperspectral_documentation "This group contains algorithms dedicated to hyperspectral remote sensing")
set(IO_documentation "This group contains everything related to input/output")
set(Learning_documentation "This group contains algorithms and frameworks related to supervised or unsupervised learning")
set(OBIA_documentation "This group contains algorithms related to Object Based Image Analysis")
set(Radiometry_documentation "This group contains algorithms related to the processing of image radiometry")
set(Registration_documentation "This group contains algorithms related to registration of images")
set(Segmentation_documentation "This group contains algorithms related to image segmentaiton")
set(ThirdParty_documentation "This group contains all Orfeo ToolBox third parties")
set(Wrappers_documentation "This group contains the application framework and the wrappers to use it")
set(Remote_documentation "This group of modules is for OTB based code that have
additional third-party dependencies not bundled with the toolkit,
new algorithms or implementations seeking greater exposure and adoption,
algorithms that hope to eventually be integrated into the toolkit,
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