Commit 731c9ce5 authored by Julien Osman's avatar Julien Osman
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BUG: Still need to read AREA_OR_POINT

parent c4acc81a
......@@ -1125,6 +1125,12 @@ void GDALImageIO::InternalReadImageInformation()
itk::EncapsulateMetaData<MetaDataKey::BoolVectorType>(dict, MetaDataKey::NoDataValueAvailable, isNoDataAvailable);
itk::EncapsulateMetaData<MetaDataKey::VectorType>(dict, MetaDataKey::NoDataValue, noDataValues);
// Read AREA_OR_POINT value if present
papszMetadata = dataset->GetMetadata(nullptr);
auto areaOrPoint = CSLFetchNameValue(papszMetadata, "AREA_OR_POINT");
if (areaOrPoint)
m_Imd.Add(MDStr::AreaOrPoint, areaOrPoint);
bool GDALImageIO::CanWriteFile(const char* name)
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