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\section{Known issues} \section{Known issues}
\label{sec:knownissues} \label{sec:knownissues}
\begin{itemize} Please check \url{} with
\item openjpeg/ITK an updated list of known issues (tag bug).
It is important to know that the OpenJpeg library doesn't support name mangling since version 2.0.
As a consequence, if other libraries linked by your project already contain OpenJpeg, there may be a symbol conflict at run-time.
For instance, this was observed with OTB build on a recent ITK version (ver. 4).
The ITK library already had a version of OpenJpeg in libitkopenjpeg-*.so, which contained the OpenJpeg symbols un-wrapped.
These symbols were also loaded by the GDAL driver but only the first ones were used, which caused a crash.
Hopefully, thanks to the modular architecture of ITK, the library libitkopenjpeg-*.so is no longer imported within OTB.
However, the OpenJPEG headers may be present in the ITK include directory. As the current architecture doesn't allow to modify the
include order between modules, the OpenJPEG header from ITK can be included before your own OpenJPEG install. There are
two ways to avoid this situation:
\item Use an ITK without GDCM nor ITKReview (only these modules depend on OpenJPEG)
\item Hide the header openjpeg.h in the ITK include directory.
More information can be found here : \url{}
\item libkml / Ubuntu 12.04
Another issue is related to the official package of libkml under Ubuntu 12.04.
Users of this platform should disable the option OTB\_USE\_KML, so that OTB won't be built with this third-party package.
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