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ENH: don't close old geoid if new one is not valid when setting a geoid in DEMHandler

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......@@ -234,15 +234,20 @@ bool DEMHandler::OpenGeoidFile(const std::string& geoidFile)
// TODO : RemoveOSSIM
int pbError;
auto ds = GDALOpenVerticalShiftGrid(geoidFile.c_str(), &pbError);
// pbError is set to TRUE if an error happens.
if (pbError == 0)
if (m_GeoidDS)
int pbError;
m_GeoidDS = static_cast<GDALDataset*>(GDALOpenVerticalShiftGrid(geoidFile.c_str(), &pbError));
m_GeoidDS = static_cast<GDALDataset*>(ds);
m_GeoidFilename = geoidFile;
return pbError;
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