Commit 7937bd82 authored by Julien Malik's avatar Julien Malik

COMP: Remove outdated FLTK exception in ctest warnings

parent 23da0bae
......@@ -53,7 +53,6 @@ set(CTEST_CUSTOM_WARNING_EXCEPTION
"ranlib: file: .+ has no symbols"
"ranlib:.*warning for library:.*the table of contents is empty.*no object file members in the library define global symbols.*"
"libtool:.*file:.*has no symbols"
"Fl_Image.H:.*warning:.*dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules.*"
"warning -.: directory name .* does not exist"
"ld.*warning.*duplicate dylib.*"
"WARNING non-zero return value in ctest"
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