Commit 7971a68e authored by Ludovic Hussonnois's avatar Ludovic Hussonnois
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BUG : Mantis-1335 : Increase monteverdi stack size and correct Segfault when...

BUG : Mantis-1335 : Increase monteverdi stack size and correct Segfault when rsr parameter is not provided.

Monteverdi stack size is increase in order to use 6s code.
WavelengthSpectralBandVectorType wasn't initialized and result wasn't used.
parent e6977b60
......@@ -823,12 +823,14 @@ private:
otbAppLogWARNING("No relative spectral response found, using "
"default response (constant between 0.3 and 1.0µm)");
AcquiCorrectionParametersType::WavelengthSpectralBandVectorType spectralDummy;
AcquiCorrectionParametersType::WavelengthSpectralBandVectorType spectralDummy =
for (unsigned int i = 0; i < inImage->GetNumberOfComponentsPerPixel(); ++i)
// Aeronet file
......@@ -72,6 +72,14 @@ add_executable( monteverdi
# set monterverdi stack size to 10Mbytes on windows platform because
# the default size with visual compiler it is 1Mbyte
# which is to lower for us (thanks to 6S code).
if (WIN32)
set_linker_stack_size_flag( monteverdi 10000000 )
target_link_libraries( monteverdi
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