Commit 7be96f4c authored by Jordi Inglada's avatar Jordi Inglada
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ENH: add option to the TrainImagesClassifier app to limit the min number of samples

parent 2e3c0515
......@@ -82,6 +82,11 @@ void TrainImagesClassifier::DoInit()
SetDefaultParameterInt("", 1000);
SetParameterDescription("", "Maximum size per class (in pixels) of the validation sample list (default = 1000) (no limit = -1). If equal to -1, then the maximal size of the available validation sample list per class will be equal to the surface area of the smallest class multiplied by the validation sample ratio.");
AddParameter(ParameterType_Int, "", "Bound sample number by minimum");
SetDefaultParameterInt("", 1);
SetParameterDescription("", "Bound the number of samples for each class by the number of available samples by the smaller class. Proportions between training and validation are respected. Default is true (=1).");
AddParameter(ParameterType_Empty, "sample.edg", "On edge pixel inclusion");
"Takes pixels on polygon edge into consideration when building training and validation samples.");
......@@ -283,6 +288,7 @@ void TrainImagesClassifier::DoExecute()
// take pixel located on polygon edge into consideration
if (IsParameterEnabled("sample.edg"))
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