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RadarSatModel.h manquant

parent 67b95527
#ifndef ossimRadarSatModel_H
#define ossimRadarSatModel_H
#include <ossim/projection/ossimSensorModel.h>
#include <ossim/projection/ossimMapProjection.h>
#include <ossim/base/ossimIpt.h>
#include <ossim/base/ossimFilename.h>
#include <ossim/base/ossimGpt.h>
#include <ossim/base/ossimDpt.h>
#include <ossim/base/ossimEcefRay.h>
#include <ossim/base/ossimEcefPoint.h>
#include <ossim/base/ossimMatrix3x3.h>
#include <iostream>
class PlatformPosition;
class SensorParams;
class RefPoint;
* @brief This class is able to direct localisation and indirect localisation using the RadarSat sensor model
* @author Magellium, Pacome Dentraygues
* @version 1.0
* @date 04-01-08
class OSSIMDLLEXPORT ossimRadarSatModel : public ossimSensorModel
* @brief Constructor
* @brief Destructor
* @brief This function is able to convert image coordonnates in world coordinates using the RadarSat sensor model
* @param image_point Coordinates of the image point
* @param heightEllipsoid Altitude of the world point
* @param worldPoint Coordinates of the world point (OUT)
virtual void lineSampleHeightToWorld(const ossimDpt& image_point,
const double& heightEllipsoid,
ossimGpt& worldPoint) const;
* @brief Returns pointer to a new instance, copy of this.
* @remark This function always return NULL;
virtual ossimObject* dup() const { return 0; };
* @brief
* @return true when it's better (more accurate / fast) to use forward (from ground to image) than inverse(from image to ground)
* @remark This function always return false
inline virtual bool useForward()const {return false;};
* @brief Method to the load (recreate) the state of the object from a keyword list. Return true if ok or false on error.
* @return true if load OK, false on error
virtual bool loadState (const ossimKeywordlist &kwl, const char *prefix=0);
* @brief Handle the position of the platform
PlatformPosition *_platformPosition;
SensorParams * _sensor;
RefPoint * _refPoint;
bool InitPlatformPosition(const ossimKeywordlist &kwl, const char *prefix);
bool InitSensorParams(const ossimKeywordlist &kwl, const char *prefix);
bool InitRefPoint(const ossimKeywordlist &kwl, const char *prefix);
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