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DOC: Add documentation about what the confidence image contains for Random Forests

parent e86494a0
......@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@ private:
" * KNearestNeighbors : number of neighbors with the same label\n"
" * NeuralNetwork : difference between the two highest responses\n"
" * NormalBayes : (not supported)\n"
" * RandomForest : proportion of decision trees that classified the sample to the second class (only works for 2-class models)\n"
" * RandomForest : Confidence (proportion of votes for the majority class). Margin (normalized difference of the votes of the 2 majority classes) is not available for now.\n"
" * SVM : distance to margin (only works for 2-class models)\n");
SetDefaultOutputPixelType( "confmap", ImagePixelType_double);
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