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MAJ pour livraison 1.2.1.

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......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ ENDIF("${CMAKE_MAJOR_VERSION}.${CMAKE_MINOR_VERSION}" MATCHES "^1\\.8$")
# OTB version number. An even minor number corresponds to releases.
# Version string should not include patch level. The major.minor is
# enough to distinguish available features of the toolkit.
OTB-v.1.2.1 - Changes since version 1.2.0
- Improved support of meta data handling in pipeline execution.
- Added a cast filter otb::ImageToVectorImageCastFilter to convert
otb::Image (templated with scalar pixel types) to mono-channel otb::VectorImage.
- Added a contour extraction filter.
- Viewer accepts now otb::Image (templated with scalar pixel types)
as well as otb::VectorImage.
- Added FlRun() method to the Viewer, which execute Show() method from
the Viewer followed by the Fl::run() method from FLTK.
- Minor correction of otb::ObjectList and otb::List in order to support
visual 7.0 compiler.
- Support for python binding compilation including itk binding
templated with OTB images, OTB IO and OTB Image viewer.
- OSSIM has been integrated in the OTB Utilities directory to
prepare its future use in new geometric features.
OTB-v.1.2.0 - Changes since version 1.0.2
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