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DOC: Describe the -elem parameters

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Digital Elevation Model
OTB also relies on GDAL to access DEM data. Therefore, any raster
format supported by GDAL can be used as DEM. Several DEM tiles can be
provided at the same time by providing a directory. All raster from
the input directory will be opened by GDAL.
Many OTB application use an elevation model as input, usually with the
parameter “-elev.dem”. This parameter accepts any raster file
supported by GDAL, or a directory containing such files. In this
second case, all rasters from the input directory will be opened by
GDAL, so it could be a good idea to use a VRT. Beware that the DEM
folder should contain only DEM files. It is the same for the geoid
with the parameter "-elev.geoid". One can usually set a default
elevation with the parameter "-elev.default".
It is the same for the geoid.
Depending on the provided parameters, the application will:
- compute the DEM + the value of the geoid if both the DEM and the
geoid are provided.
- use the default value if none is provided.
- use the value read in the DEM if only the DEM is provided.
- compute the default elevation + the value of the geoid if only the
geoid is povided.
A note on the egm96.grd file
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