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DOC: Warning message now tells the required version of Python is 3.8

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......@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@ else # case where user provides an OTB_PYTHON_EXE
if [ ! "$python_major_version" -eq 3 ] || [ ! "$python_minor_version" -eq 5 ]
printf %s\\n "*****Warning******"
printf %s\\n "OTB python bindings normally require python3.5."
printf %s\\n "OTB python bindings normally require python3.8 (or 3.7 for windows users)."
printf %s\\n "The version of OTB_PYTHON_EXE ($OTB_PYTHON_EXE) is \
printf %s\\n "This case is undefined unless you are sure the packages were \
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